⚠Tips: Please check the following tips before use. 

Steps to use the docking station:

1. Before using the DS801-C docking station, please use the provided USB-C cable to plug into the"USB-C Host" interface of the docking station to connect your laptop.

2. Then charge the docking station through the "USB-C PD" interface or use the original adapter to charge the laptop. Please note: We suggest using original chargers above 65W to power the notebook.

⚠Warm Tips:

1. Please connect the docking station in sequence: laptop - charging - external devices or hardware devices such as USB.Do not plug all ports into the dock and then connect to the laptop to avoid the instability that prevents some ports from working properly.

2. The DS801-C is compatible with Macbook, but please note that the MacBook cannot MST, only A+A+A, A+B+B.

3. When the DS801-C normal external display, the default is 3840x2160@30Hz. We recommend manually switching the resolution to 1920×1080, the refresh rate can reach 60Hz, and the external display can also display stably to avoid screen flickering.


Initial Setup