Enhanced Ease and Convenience

Air Glide is purpose-built to enhance your device interaction in various scenarios with seamless gesture control.
Whether you're cooking, learning, working out, or multitasking, our Air Glide offers exceptional convenience and ease of use.

Made to Last

A solid aluminum alloy bracket body ensures stability and durability, while the sleek design provides a sleek, modern look. With its Type-C charging and long lasting battery life, Air Glide is your reliable companion for hands-free control.

Perfect for Your Preference

Whether you're following a cooking tutorial, a workout routine, or learning any new skills, our gesture control stand enables you to pause, play, or swtich to next clip without ever needing to touch the screen. Simply wave your hand or make a gesture, and watch as your device responds to your every command.

Non-Contact Control in Multi-Scenario

A New Device Interaction Solution.
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