My DisplayLink device does not work at all when connecting on macOS X

My DisplayLink device does not work at all when connecting on macOS X

If your DisplayLink product has stopped working, or has never worked, follow the steps below to try and diagnose if it is a hardware problem.

Check the device is recognised on the USB bus

If your device does not work, the first thing to check is that the DisplayLink device has been detected by OS X. This can be done by checking that the DisplayLink device appears in the System report. To do this:
  1. Choose "About this Mac" from the Apple menu on the top left corner of your main screen
  2. Click on "More Info..."
  3. On Lion and later: click on "System Report…"
  4. The System Information application will open
  5. Select the USB information from the Hardware category as shown in the screenshot:
  6. In the USB devices list, locate the DisplayLink device.
If no devices are shown, then follow the steps below to try and make the device appear in device manager.
  1. Unplug all cables from the device, then reconnect power (if needed) then the USB cable.
  2. Check the USB port with another device to make sure other devices are recognised.
  3. If using a Wireless USB product, ensure the wireless USB drivers are installed separately. The wireless USB link is not part of the DisplayLink technology and will need separate drivers to be installed.
  4. Check that the USB cable works with other devices.
  5. If using a USB bus powered device, make sure that the device is connected to an externally powered USB hub (the hub has a USB cable and a power supply connected to it). This will ensure that the device an receive enough power from the USB bus.
  6. Try the adapter on another computer.
If it still does not appear in the system report then you should contact the original manufacturer, not DisplayLink, to discuss a hardware replacement of the product.

If the device does appear but still does not work, check the Product ID as described below.

Check the Product ID of the DisplayLink device

If the DisplayLink device is shown in the system report, but still does not work, then the Product ID (PID) should be checked to make sure the device has started up correctly.
  1. Click on the device in the system report to select it.
  2. The product ID should be shown in the device properties. It will be a value like 0xXXXX, where XXXX can be any hexadecimcal value (0-9 or a-f).

If the PID is 8060 or 8080, then the device has not booted up correctly. To recover the device:
  1. Unplug all cables
  2. Connect Power (if required)
  3. Connect the USB cable
  4. Connect the video cable
If the device continues to appear with the same PID then then you should contact the original manufacturer, not DisplayLink, to discuss a hardware replacement of the product.

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