Steps to Upgrade Firmware for iMac Dock

If you own our Mac Dock, model DS802, and are experiencing issues with the SSD randomly disconnecting, don't worry, please follow the steps below to upgrade the firmware for your iMac Dock.

For Mac:

Please use this link to download the firmware upgrade tool: Link

For firmware upgrade steps, refer to the txt file in the compressed package. Or refer to the following Windows steps to upgrade the firmware for iMac Dock, which are the same.


For Windows:
Whether it's Windows with its own USB-C port or connecting the Dock to a Windows computer via a USB-C to USB-A adapter, both work.

Please use this link to download the firmware upgrade tool: Link
The following is the process for upgrading firmware:
1. Remove the SSD from the Dock. (important!)

2. Connect the Dock to your Windows computer.

3. Unzip the compressed package you just downloaded, find the application named "UTHSB MPtool Lite.exe" and open it.

4. After opening the firmware upgrade tool, you will see a device named "Realtek RTL9210B", which is the internal name of the Dock on the computer.

5. Directly click the red upgrade device button in the upper left corner. Wait for the green progress bar to finish, close the application, and unplug the Dock from the Windows computer.

6. Plug the Dock back into the iMac and test to see if the problem persists.

If the disconnceting issue persists after you upgrade the firmware, please contact us and we will help.

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