Don't know what's going on, but My Minisopuru Dock/Hub doesn’t work.

1. Check that the correct USB C port (with USB 3.1 Gen 1) is plugged in and the device must support DisplayPort alternative mode for video transfer.

2. Check whether the monitor requires manual change of input source.

3. Check whether the device needs driver upgrade (USB port).

4. Check if the HDMI to HDMI cable is working properly, try using a different HDMI 2.0 cable and output monitor.

5. Unplug all devices, first connect the USB-C power cord, then the adapter and HDMI cable.

6. Try using a different USB-C port on your device.

7. Restart your laptop.

8. Reset.
For Windows:
1. Download and install all the recommended Windows cumulative and security updates.

2. Install the latest video card driver directly from the manufacturer's website.

3. Use an alternative HDMI cable. Verify if your video cable supports 4k@60Hz resolution, as some HDMI cables only support 4k@30Hz.

4. Attempt connecting your PC to your TV individually to help eliminate hardware conflict issues.
For MacOS:
Reset the System Management Controller (SMC), click here.

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