How to prevent login flashing loop on macOS Ventura 13.

In the event of display layout corruption on your MacBook, macOS may initiate a logout sequence. Upon re-entering your login credentials, the system will proceed to blink the screen and subsequently revert to the "login window".

Below are the steps to rectify this behavior:

1. Temporarily disconnect the docking station from your computer to enable login.
2. Download the macOS version of the DisplayLink Support Tool.
3. Run the DisplayLink Support Tool.
4. Click on "Advanced" in the top left corner of your menu bar, and select "Reset Screen Layout" from the expanded options.

5. Subsequently, reboot the machine, reconnect the dock, and attempt to log in once again.

Please note that after resetting the screen layout, the displays will revert to the default settings of macOS. You can then proceed to reapply your personalized layout accordingly.

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